“I was trying to find out how to create a timer in Keynote…and was shocked to find you that you can’t just do it through some animation. So then I started looking for videos to insert but they were all fairly ugly. Yours was the only visually appealing one I found”

David Burkus

“Today I had a workshop with 15 participants via Teams-Video-Chat … thanks Corona … and 20 min before I thought I needed a timer for the workshop tasks, which I could integrate into the presentation. Because we were all only present via video and still had to keep the timing. So: searched, found, installed and the timer worked very well”

Martin Verdino

“I found this through a google search after seeing a colleague using it during their lecture. I teach a large contemporary art lecture course and this is perfect for our exams which are slide image-based”

Rachel A. Widomski

“The timer is awesome, did an online goal-setting retreat where we reflected and planned for the upcoming months, the worked flawlessly.”

Rogier van Wagtendonk

“I used the timer in my lessons. It works great”

Juli Singer